A week from today.

Alright folks, this is where the real packing begins! 

Since we moved out of our apartment of two years on July 3rd and back into the Basileia house, spending time with family and friends before leaving has surely been high on our priority list (right there next to our VISA applications, which I am happy to say came through in days with no hassles!).  Time is against us now and we have no choice but to once again work on some serious practicalities. 

The challenge is to go through the little we have here with us – for what seems like the hundredth time – and safely pack it all up for either air mailing or taking on the plane with us in suitcases.  I’m really bad at estimates so its hard to guess what it will cost us.  We shall see!

There is a lot that has to come together now in the next few days!  Of course Eric woke up sick today with flu symptoms… poor guy.  He went in to work but then had to cut out early to come home and suffer through chills.  Thankfully, my last day of work is tomorrow so that’ll help give us more time. 


I will soon post pictures of our last and final WONDERFUL going away party on Saturday!  Oh, it was so great… :)  Everybody is so amazing and we’re really going to miss you all!

Off to pack —

August 11th, 2008

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