Trip to London

Last I posted, I mentioned the possibility of traveling down to see my friend Kristina who was passing through on her way to Portugal.  Well, I did!  Actually we did!  Eric and I took the bus down for a nice little visit.  We were able to stay at Pat’s flat in the city that night and upon his suggestion, went to Borough Market the next day.  This market was a schmorgasboard of local produce, international cheeses, organic and fair trade treats, smoothies, wine, beer, fresh breads and soo much more.  The location alone was quite incredible being that it was sortof nestled under a bridge and although it felt pretty “open”, there were alley type things that would lead to other sections of goodness.  I mean, this place was packed to the brim with people!  Very fun.  The other main thing we did was walk around the Tower of London area and toured Tower Bridge.

So, I wanted to post the pictures from this little adventure!  Gallery // Slideshow

Here are a few pictures just in case you’re in a hurry :)

September 13th, 2008

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