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The new house: out of doors

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Hello all!  In case you didn’t know… we’ve moved!

We now live in an area of Nottingham called Beeston and we are LOVING it!!!  The fam has been asking for pictures of the inside of our house but it’s not quite ‘photo ready’ with all the clothes strewn about etc.  You’ll have to wait ;)


It is bank holiday weekend and we’re headed to Bexhill (south of London, near Hastings, on the coast!) on Tuesday.  My coworker (she is a star) gave me a few plants, pots, and soil for my birthday, so we decided to do a bunch of yard work and a few chores today to get the house nice for our return late next Sunday.  I must say, we knew our garden was amazing but learned so much more about it today!  I had to get the camera out so you can see it… It is so late in the summer to feel like we can do much but come spring, we want to plant a vegetable garden (plot already there!) and do more up-keep.  It will never look ‘prestine’ though…none of the gardens do here…they’re often a bit overgrown, which I prefer anyway!

I know we’ll spend a lot of time out here.

Most of the pictures are of the back garden but we have the added bonus of a small front garden as well (not as common in England, it seems).  Let me know if you can identify the mystery plants/berries!

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